27th June 2018


Good Morning, Today I will be discussing the neverending subliminal messages we as a generation face in our everyday lives. If you don’t believe that subliminal messages have affected you, then I could perhaps be delivering this speech to late. But if you wish to be free from the isolation and manipulation of subliminal messages id advise you to listen.

A quick experiment. Please raise your hand if you recognize any of the following images

Interesting but not unexpected. we have had these programs drilled into our minds since a young age and a lot of the messages portrayed in these entertaining shows are beginning to show major problems in our society.

I noticed that everyone in this rooms faces lit up when the image of SpongeBob SquarePants and his gang came on the screen. Child psychologist says that this cheerful little sponge effects a child’s development. Cognitive capability and impulse control. Child psychologist Angela little says after only 9 minutes of the cartoon children could not concentrate, think clearly or learn as well. I don’t think that anybody would argue the fact that SpongeBob is education but if we compare kids who watch sponge bob versus the kids who watch something else, the kids who watch SpongeBob are at least at risk of suffering from long and short-term performance deficits.

You can’t sit here and tell me that you’ve never been influenced by a movie or tv show.

Has any one in this room heard of, Thomas D Rice, Thomas d rice commonly known as daddy rice, was an american play writer

By the looks on your faces i can see your agreeing with me

Respond now!

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